Market Research

Consumer Engagement, Desktop Research, Market Analysis Focus Group Moderation 

Creative Marketing and Engagement Strategies

Branding, Merchandising, Business Development and Digital Marketing Funnels

U.S. Based Call Center Services

Remote network secure with multi-authentication log on

Cloud based proprietary platform built on Azure

Custom AI and program build offerings

Revenue Cycle Management, Customer Service, HIPAA compliance, Accounts Receivable, Data and Analytics

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Our strategic call center partner is HCM and has been a leader in the healthcare space for over 30 years. 

U.S. Based Manufacturing and Sourcing Direct Sales

Direct manufacturers representation specializing in electric conducting metals component parts, CNC machining, injection molding and design-build project management.

SAM registered medical device wholesaler. WOSB certified.

Our strategic manufacturing partner is Mursix and has been a leader in component parts manufacturing for over 70 years. 

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