Professional Services – Technical Assistance, Market Research, Strategic Planning

IntelAdvise is proficient in conducting desktop research, in-depth interviews and online surveys to provide business units with data driven insights regarding resource deployment, pricing, roadmaps and territory selection. We have conducted focus groups, structured discussions and economic impact studies in both the public and private sectors across multiple industry verticals.  

Creative Marketing and Engagement Strategies

Branding, Merchandising, Consumer Engagement, Business Development and Digital Marketing Funnels. IntelAdvise is adept at defining and disseminating a clear brand message through engaging storytelling.

Contract Teaming Examples- U.S. Based Call Center Services, Direct Manufacturing, Systems Design and more…

Revenue Cycle Management, Customer Service, HIPAA compliance, Accounts Receivable, Data and Analytics

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Our strategic call center partner is HCM and has been a leader in the healthcare space for over 30 years. IntelAdvise guided HCM through the SAM registration process and WOSB certification requirements to diversify the company into public sector contracting.

U.S. Based Manufacturing and Sourcing Direct Sales

Direct manufacturers representation specializing in electric conducting metals component parts, CNC machining, injection molding and design-build project management.

SAM registered medical device wholesaler. WOSB certified.

Our strategic manufacturing partner is Mursix and has been a leader in component parts manufacturing for over 70 years. 

In addition to being a contracted reseller of Mursix component parts, IntelAdvise partnered with Mursix, along with ICTT System Sciences, Cummins and Purdue Polytechnic to create a prototype framework for a digital thread in manufacturing pilot program led by the US Air Force Research Laboratory and the State of Indiana.

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