IntelAdvise Team Awarded Grant from Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Since April 2020, the Indiana Defense Network (IDN) has been hosting Indiana’s first Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM), which seeks to teach industry about the defense organization’s core mission, research and development plans and strategies. 

The Indiana TIM is conducted in conjunction with OEMs, small and medium sized manufacturers, subject matter expertise suppliers and several academic institutions. This TIM’s focus is Digital Thread for Supply Chain with an emphasis on Subtractive Manufacturing under a model-based enterprise.

The Indiana TIM, with support from the Air Force Research Laboratory, invited a select group of companies to present project proposals that would address opportunities and challenges in digital thread – a new technology framework that helps companies process and evaluate real-time data within the lifecycle of a product or system. The Indiana businesses receiving grants were required to include testing validation and technology support from other organizations across the state.

“Indiana is a leader in advanced manufacturing. ICTT System Sciences is proud to be part of Team Top Gun’s Indiana Digital Thread Pilot demonstration of impacts on workforce development and enhanced enterprise and regional performance. This includes exploiting the power of virtual model-based system patterns from the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Working Group on Model-Based Patterns.”   — Bill Schindel, President, ICTT System Sciences; Chair of INCOSE MBSE Patterns Working Group

IntelAdvise, as well as its partners Mursix, Cummins, Purdue Polytechnic and ICTT System Sciences, are pleased to announce the grant award of $250,000 to enhance the properties of Mursix’s digital thread capability for future commercial automotive, medical, and military applications. 

“Mursix is grateful to the Indiana Defense Network and the IEDC for this award and the ability to play a crucial role with regional partners in demonstrating the use of the Digital Thread to advance enterprise learning systems’ capabilities in parallel with individualized manufacturing workforce development,” said Susan Murray Carlock, vice president of business development at Mursix Corporation. 

“Working with IntelAdvise, Cummins, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, and ICTT System Sciences completes the circle of knowledge and experience necessary to focus on having the right information where and when it is needed between companies. Ensuring the highest quality across the product life cycle, including engineering, manufacturing, and service, is essential.”

IntelAdvise would like to thank the IEDC for their consideration and opportunity, and look forward to completing this project.

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